Babywearing and Your Toddler {Babywearing Tips}

newborn babywearing

newborn babywearing, 3 days old




This is my baby the first time I wore him. 


This is my baby toddler now  toddler flower








What happened in the last 20 months?  Oh yeah… he grew! He went from being just over 7 pounds to nearly 30! Yes, my 20 month old is the same weight as many 3 year olds.  I get many comments similar to this: “doesn’t that hurt your back?” ,”Isn’t he walking yet?”, “You aren’t going to be able to carry him like that for very much longer!”  Actually, I’ve been hearing that last one since he was about 6 months old and we are still going strong.  However, the way I carry him is much different and the type of carrier I use is also different. [Read more...]