Babywearing Moms Help One in Need

There is a group of lovely ladies in the United States. They saw a friend struggling with a severe illness and rallied around her. Offering any kind of support they could while she struggled through her hospital stay, many tests and returning home with unanswered questions.  Faced with looming medical bills these same friends reached out to the babywearing and attachment parenting community and came up with a plan to help their friend with the medical costs. [Read more...]

Ergo Baby Carrier vs. Onya Baby Carrier {Baby Carrier Reviews}

The Ergo Baby Carrier is one that has been around a long time, while the Onya Baby Carrier is a “new kid” in the baby carrier world. I’m going to compare the two today to help you solve the mystery of “which carrier should I get?”

The Ergo Baby Carrier:

The Ergo I tried was an older model, so I don’t know how a newer one would compare, but this is the information I have to go on.  I tested this carrier when my toddler was 15 months and about 25 lbs.  I didn’t do much front wearing, but it [Read more...]

Whether you're out with your child wandering the urban jungle or hiking with them in the hills, the Outback offers a more performance oriented approach to the soft structured carrier. A durable, water resistant, rip stop nylon exterior and air mesh lining makes it perfect for hot weather or hiking the trails. Parent and child will stay cooler with the air mesh lining, which wicks away moisture leaving you both comfortable. It can be worn either on your front or your back and comes with an integrated seat that will fit almost any chair for when you've decided to take a break for lunch and the restaurant doesn't have a seat for your little one.
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Paxbaby Playdate in Eugene


In July 2012 Jillian, PaxMommy from took a road trip with her family from their home in Southern California all the way up to British Columbia, Canada. They made many stops for playdates along the way during their journey and stayed with new babywearing friends the entire trip. It was fun every day to check in on Facebook and see where they were and the adventures they were having. [Read more...]

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Action Baby Carrier {Baby Carrier Review}

The Action Baby Carrier is a simple buckle carrier. It started out as a mei tai carrier, that the creator, Angela, was making for family and friends as they had babies. They used to be called “Active Mom Carriers”.  She offered up some carriers on a forum and people were highly interested in them! Lucky her and lucky us! They moved to making buckle carriers a while after that and Action Baby Carriers started to become the business it is today. These carriers are still made in the U.S.A. and are very affordable. [Read more...]

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Ella Belly Mei Tai {Product Spotlight}

The Ella Belly Mei Tai is the product spotlight this week. Kelly Hughes is the creator of these carriers. Here is a bit from the website about her and how she got started:

After my daughter Ella was born, I started babywearing right away. I tried ring slings, pouch carriers, structured buckle mei tais, wraps and just about everything in between. My husband was a good sport and tested out all the carriers right along with me. It took me a few months to figure out which ones worked the [Read more...]

In keeping with our dedication to providing the best quality, most engaging toys for newborns, we have brought back some of our favorite toys from years gone by. The heirloom quality Classic Baby Beads will instantly capture your baby's attention and feature smooth, brightly colored wooden beads strung together with elastic. These wooden clutching rattles are designed for tiny hands to reach for, grab, pull, twist, and rattle – an old fashion, hands on toy that encourages babies to experience the tactile world around them while engaging their gross motor skills. As baby delights in manipulating the wooden beads, a clickey-clop sound is produced, allowing them to explore sound and cause and effect. These beads have also been shown to be helpful to those on the Autism spectrum. Manhattan Toy has been making award-winning, high quality, visually appealing toys for babies, toddlers and kids for over 30 years. Manhattan Toy offers more than 500 exclusive, original product designs distributed and sold worldwide through specialty retail stores, catalogs and websites. All of our products, from the newest concepts to our time-tested classics, are innovatively designed to inspire imaginative play and delight our customers.
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Rockin’ Baby Pouch Review {Baby Carrier Review}

Rockin’ Baby Slings is a company that believes in giving back. They have a “Mother to Mother” mission where for every sling sold they donate a sling to a mother in Haiti. Once a year Kathryn Wiley, the owner of Rockin’ Baby, takes all the donated slings and takes them to Haiti in order to give them to mothers and teach the importance of holding your baby close. You can check out my Rockin’ Baby Product Spotlight for more information about this. You can also see a video of the first sling drop in Haiti, here. [Read more...]

Adjustable Pouch by Rockin' Baby in 'I Got You Babe' features three yards of abstract leaves in lilac, purple and black against a light gray background. This Cotton Rockin' Baby Pouch reverses to a solid black, essentially giving you two pouches for the price of one. Rockin' Baby Pouches are easily adjusted with 4 zippered settings and can be worn in 5 different carrying positions. The inside rail of the pouch is lightly padded for your little one's comfort and the zipper cover can also be used to add extra padding for your comfort or a handy place to store an extra diaper. Sizing Information: Small-Medium. Small to average size, to tall and slim, to petite but voluptuous - the Small-Medium fits a wide range of body types and sizes (ideal for couples) Height: 5'3" to 6'4". Bust: 32A to 36B for 5'3" to 6'4" -- 32A to 38DD for 5'3" to 5'7". Shoulder to Hip: 22" to 30". Weight: 110 lbs to 200lbs
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