ErgoBaby: Original vs Sport vs Performance Carriers {Baby Carrier Review}

Here it is, the Ergobaby Comparison post you have been waiting for!  Now that I have reviewed all 3 of the main styles of carriers I am going to compare them against each other.  Remember, all Ergobaby Carriers are safe carriers when worn correctly. Your child’s size and your comfort will help you to determine which carrier is best suited for your own purposes. 

Ergo Original Back Carry

Ergobaby Original Carrier:

My measurements of the carrier:

  • Width: 14.5 inches (measured at the top of the seat darts, about 3 inches from the top of the waist padding)
  • Height: 14.5 inches
  • Shoulder strap length: 25 inches of padded area + 20 inches of webbing
  • Waist belt: 5 3/4 inches at the widest and 24 inches of padding. 55 inches of total length with webbing.

My overall opinion of the carrier:

This carrier is well made and comfortable, even with my heavy toddler. I like the added width from previous versions, my child seems to sit down deeper in the seat and his legs are more supported.  The height of the body, while taller than previous versions, is still shorter than I prefer for my toddler. This carrier would be great for petite toddlers or smaller babies. This carrier can be used with infants, however a separate infant insert is required.  This new version also does not support the use of the old extender waist belts because the buckles are bigger.  The waist belt I think is longer on this carrier than on older versions, so an extender may not be needed.

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Ergo Sport Back Carry

Ergobaby Sport Carrier:

My measurements of the carrier:

  •  Width: 14.5 inches (measured at the top of the seat darts about 3 inches above the waist belt)
  • Height: 14.5 inches
  • Shoulder strap: 25 inches to the buckle, then an extra 2 inches under the buckle for 27 inches of material/padded strap.  Webbing is about 22 inches long.
  • Waist: 5 inches at the widest.  31 inches of padding. 24 inches of webbing, for a waist total of  55 inches.

My overall opinion of the carrier:

For me this carrier was comfortable, but doesn’t contain my active leaner as I would like. For people with more petite toddlers this would be a great carrier. It’s ventilated opening in the back would help in the warmer months for the child to not be as hot as one would typically get in a carrier. This carrier does work with the infant insert. It’s floppiness made it harder for me to get it on during back carries, but it was a minor annoyance. That floppiness is due to less materials inside to help make the carrier cooler, so it’s a trade off.

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Ergo Performance Back Carry

Ergobaby Performance Carrier:

My Measurements of the Carrier:

  • Width: 14.5 inches (measured at the top of the seat darts about 3 inches above the waist belt)
  • Height: 15.5 inches (from top of the waist band)
  • Shoulder Strap: 19 inches to the buckle plus 5 more inches under the buckle to the end of the strap for 24 inches of padded strap.There is about 19.5 inches of webbing for a total of 43.5 inches for the shoulder straps. (my measurements are slightly off from the official measurements)
  • Waist belt: 5 3/4 at the widest point. Padding is 29 1/4 inches. There is about 28.5 inches of webbing for a total waist belt length of almost 58 inches.

My overall opinion of the carrier:

For me this carrier had some trial and error to it. Sometimes I got a perfect and comfy fit and other times not so much. I really think it depends on each person’s body and where you like the carrier to sit, so sometimes you just have to play around with it until you find the best fit for you. As with other Ergo Baby Carriers, this one buckles at the side near your hip instead of in the middle. For some with mobility issues, or larger wearers, this may pose a problem of reaching the buckle comfortably. This carrier is also a bit taller than other Ergos, so if you do not have an infant insert, it may take longer for your baby to fit in this carrier comfortably.  The shoulder straps on the carrier curve and are very comfortable to wear. During warmer weather the liner may make you sweat a little.

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Ergo front carry compare

Comparison of Carriers:

Ergo Original Ergo Sport Ergo Performance
Carrier Height 14.5 inches 14.5 inches 14.5 inches
Carrier Width 14.5 inches 14.5 inches 15,5 inches
Shoulder Strap Length 45 inches total 47 inches total 43.5 inches total
Waist Strap Length 55 inches total 55 inches total 58 inches total

The Original Ergo and the Sport are the most alike when compared against each other. They have the same body style and straps.  The Sport has a floppy body with no internal stiffness to help with getting too hot. It also has a vent in the back.  The Performance has thinner straps that curve and a taller height than the other 2 carriers, so the infant insert may need to be used for a longer as the carrier would be fairly tall on most younger babies.

Ergo Collage back carry

My Opinion of Ergobaby Carriers:

Over all I felt the carriers were slightly too short for my toddler. They were not, however, uncomfortable. I could wear my toddler in any of the 3 carriers for long periods of time and be absolutely comfortable in them. My guy likes to lean and dance while being worn, he is also in the 90% range for his age in height and weight.  The Ergo that worked best for us was the Performance with it’s slightly taller height. He could still rock out, but it affected my balance a bit less than the other carriers. The carrier I had the most trouble with was the Sport. The floppiness of the body, while great for warm weather, made it difficult for me in the way I put the carrier on for back carries. I always felt as if the straps were twisted and it was tricky sometimes to determine which way they should go (most of the time the straps were fine).   I can’t speak about using the infant insert with any of the carriers as my child is far past needing it, so I have not used one.


I really like the versatility of the  Ergo carriers in that they can be worn a variety of ways, front, hip and back.  Ergobaby carriers come in many different colors to suit just about anyone’s taste in fashion. They are also a well known brand in the babywearing world.

Where to Buy:

You can buy at the Ergo website or at an authorized retailer. Ergo is, unfortunately, a carrier that counterfeiters try to copy, so you must be wary when buying used.


Disclaimer: I received Ergobaby carriers  for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received. All opinions and experiences are my own. All pictures are taken by me and are property of The Babywearing Blog.


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