Ergobaby Carrier Covers {Baby Carrier Review}

The Ergobaby Carrier Cover system helps keep your little one warm and dry during the cold. wet months. The two carrier covers are sold separately, but they snap together to work similarly to a 3-in-1 coat. There is a rain cover and a fleece cover. They snap together to create a dry and warm bundle for your little bundle. 

Ergo Rain Cover:

Ergo Rain Cover

The rain cover is made of nylon to protect your baby and your carrier from the wind and rain. It comes in it’s own zip pouch that fastens to your Ergo Carrier so you are able to easily unzip and cover your baby if it begins to rain. The cover attaches to the shoulder straps of the carrier and also to the loop on the waist band. This helps keep baby’s feet nice and dry. There are elastic drawstrings with toggles to snug the cover closed in order to get rid of any gaps. There is a hood that fits over your baby’s head to keep them dry as well.  The cover is easily put on while having baby in the carrier when worn on the front. however for back carries, you need to either have help, or put the rain cover on the carrier before putting the carrier on yourself. You would also probably need help getting the hood over your baby’s head in a back carry.


Ergo Fleece Cover:

Ergo Fleece Cover

The fleece carrier cover is snuggly and warm for those chilly winter walks. This cover does not have a pouch to be stored in, but it attaches the same way to your carrier; it snaps to the shoulder straps and velcros to the fabric loop on the waist band.  This carrier also has the adjustable elastics with toggles to keep drafts out and your baby warm. The fleece cover can be put on your carrier while you wear it in a front carry, but again one would need help with a back carry or simply attach it to your carrier before putting it on.


Carrier Cover System:

Ergo Carrier Covers

The two covers work together for those especially bad weather days where you find you must take your baby out even though it is cold and rainy. These carriers snap together and work as one. The fleece carrier cover snaps to the inside of the rain cover and then you attach the whole thing to your carrier. Both your baby and your carrier stay warm and dry.


My Experience:

Attaching Ergo Covers to Carrier

I think the way these cover attach to the Ergobaby carrier is really cool. I like that you can hook the rain pouch to your carrier and if it begins to rain simply unzip and cover your baby. I found that this system will work with just about any 2 shouldered baby carrier. I even attached the rain cover to a woven wrap! My child is a toddler now and he expressed discomfort with the cover when I had the bottom of it attached to the carrier. He acted like his feet were restrained in a way he didn’t like. Once I unvelcroed the bottom of the cover from the carrier it made the cover a little longer and then he was happy to have his feet stay dry inside the carrier cover. These carrier covers are very versatile for smaller and bigger babies with the adjustable elastics pulls with toggles and being able to simply not attach the bottom of the cover.


Where to Buy:

You can buy at the Ergo website or at an authorized retailer.

(4-10-13: I do not see the fleece carrier covers on the Ergo website. I have made an inquiry if they are still available to buy)

How to Attach Ergo Cover to Shoulder Straps

Disclaimer: I received an Ergo Baby Carrier Rain Cover and Fleece Cover  for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received. All opinions and experiences are my own. All pictures are taken by me and are property of The Babywearing Blog.


  1. Shannon Reed says:

    I love the ergo baby carier- now I need one of these covers! Great post.

  2. Karin callan says:

    Hi. Just read your review. I decided to buy a boba4g, loved the ergo too, but felt more closer fit with the boba. Do you think the ergo covers will fit onto the boba? The shoulder straps look as if they will, according to your pics, but not sure with bottom. Please help, tx

    • ErinAnn says:

      Yes, the Ergo covers will fit any carrier. The only thing about the bottom is that it won’t attach to a different carrier. the Ergo is made with a strap on the waist belt to accommodate the velcro strap on the covers to help keep baby’s feet covered. But to me it’s not a huge deal having that attached or not.

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