Ergo Baby Sport Baby Carrier {Baby Carrier Reviews}

The Ergo Baby Sport Baby Carrier is the second in my series of reviews on Ergo carriers. I chose the black sport carrier to review.

Ergo Baby Carrier Sport:

From the Ergo website:

The Ergobaby Sport Carrier is composed of airy, durable cotton/poly blend fabric and features a back vent for extra breathability—so baby and parent stay cool and happy. The waist belt and shoulder straps have extra inches beyond our other models—to suit all sizes and fits. Whether climbing a hill or the stairs, this Carrier makes the experience more enjoyable for all.

Ergo Sport Back Carry Toddler

Features of the Sport Ergo Baby Carrier from the website:

  • Balanced weight distribution: Evenly-managed baby weight between parent’s shoulders and hips for ultimate comfort
  • Ergonomic: Proper facing-in spread-squat seating position supports baby’s hip, pelvis, and spinal development
  • Carry positions: 3 positions – Front, Back, and Hip carry
  • Carrier fit: Adults from 5’ to 6’5” body height (depending on body type, height range may differ).
  • Usage Range: Carries babies from infancy (7 lbs. / 3.2 kg to 12 lbs. / 5.5 kg with Infant Insert) or up to 4-5 months to maximum 45lbs / 20kgs
  • Carrier body: 65% polyester, 35% cotton
  • Carrier lining: 100% cotton poplin
  • Carrier weight: 1.21 lbs / 550 grams. 1/3 lighter than ergobaby® Original Carrier. More breathable and lightweight.
  • Sleeping Hood: Detachable, snap-in; 100% cotton poplin with elastic edging and snap-to-strap attach. Supports baby’s head while sleeping and protects from sun and wind. Adjusts in length with 5 snap levels for growth of baby.
  • Shoulder straps: Padded with 1” high-density premium foam, expanding from 27” – 49”
  • Waist strap belt: Padded with 1/4” high-density EVA foam, expanding from 32” – 55”.
  • Chest strap: Sliding adjustment
  • Fill: 100% cotton batting in body of carrier to soften edges
  • Small stuff pouch, doubles as storage for Sleeping Hood
  • Slit-vented front of carrier: A cooler ride for baby

Ergo Sport Front Carry Toddler

Ergo Sport Front Carry side view








My measurements of the carrier:

  •  Width: 14.5 inches (measured at the top of the seat darts about 3 inches above the waist belt)
  • Height: 14.5 inches
  • Shoulder strap: 25 inches to the buckle, then an extra 2 inches under the buckle for 27 inches of material/padded strap.  Webbing is about 22 inches long.
  • Waist: 5 inches at the widest.  31 inches of padding. 24 inches of webbing, for a waist total of  55 inches.

My Ergo Sport Experience:

I chose the black Ergo sport. Black really isn’t the dirt hider one would think it is, but oh well! I used this carrier with my 22 month old toddler who weighs over 30 lbs. We were usually walking his older sister to school or grocery shopping when I wore it. 95% of the time I wore him in a back carry.  There were a couple of times I used the front carry, but at his size it’s just not comfortable for long.

The straps are well padded, but not too bulky under my arms. I would notice the padding when first putting on the carrier, but it wasn’t something I was constantly aware of while wearing.  The body of the Ergo Sport is very soft and floppy, with a vent to keep you and your baby from getting too hot. The hood stuffs into a pocket at the top of the carrier. Since the carrier was very floppy, and there is about 5 inches of shoulder strap before the padding starts, I sometimes had trouble with the shoulder straps twisting as I was getting the carrier on. I do put on buckle carriers a little different than most, but I don’t normally have so much strap twisting with other carriers I’ve tried.  Once I got the carrier on, it was pretty comfortable.  My toddler is a leaner and he has great fun playing the “make Mommy stagger” game while on my back.  I have yet to find a carrier to combat his leaning ways.  This carrier only comes up to just below his shoulder blades, so he is able to lean quite a ways to play peek a boo with people.  I do not feel it is unsafe in anyway, just makes it harder to walk in a straight line sometimes with 30 pounds dancing around on my back.

This carrier has a long waist belt, so no extender is needed, however, the buckle is at the wearer’s hip, and some people may find that position hard or awkward to reach.

Ergo Sport Front Carry

Ergo Sport Back Carry


For me this carrier was comfortable, but doesn’t contain my active leaner as I would like. For people with more petite toddlers this would be a great carrier. It’s ventilated opening in the back would help in the warmer months for the child to not be as hot as one would typically get in a carrier. This carrier does work with the infant insert. It’s floppiness made it harder for me to get it on during back carries, but it was a minor annoyance. That floppiness is due to less materials inside to help make the carrier cooler, so it’s a trade off.

Where to Buy:

You can buy at the Ergo website or at an authorized retailer. Ergo is, unfortunately, a carrier that counterfeiters try to copy, so you must be wary when buying used.


Disclaimer: I received an Ergo Baby Carrier Sport for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received. All opinions and experiences are my own. All pictures are taken by me and are property of The Babywearing Blog.

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