Ergo Baby Carrier vs. Onya Baby Carrier {Baby Carrier Reviews}

The Ergo Baby Carrier is one that has been around a long time, while the Onya Baby Carrier is a “new kid” in the baby carrier world. I’m going to compare the two today to help you solve the mystery of “which carrier should I get?”

The Ergo Baby Carrier:

The Ergo I tried was an older model, so I don’t know how a newer one would compare, but this is the information I have to go on.  I tested this carrier when my toddler was 15 months and about 25 lbs.  I didn’t do much front wearing, but it was surprisingly comfortable to wear him when I did. The pocket was easy to get to and would hold several items.  I tried to cross the straps in the back, but the buckles were in an awkward spot, so I could not get them buckled by myself.  Back carries were okay with this carrier, but not great. At the time my toddler was into wiggling, so I needed help every time I used it. There was some gaping of the shoulder straps above my shoulders that I never figured out how to adjust it so it fit better.  My toddler is a leaner, so he would often lean way back, putting some stress on my back and shoulders. The carrier body was 12.5 inches at the waist and 13 inches high.  The Ergo Baby Carrier is rated for children 12 lbs to 45 lbs.  Infants weighing between 7 – 12 lbs can be accommodated by using the infant insert which is sold separately.

Ergo vs Onya front

The Onya Baby Carrier:

I tried out the Onya when my toddler was 16 months and about 25 lbs.  The front carry with him was comfortable. I couldn’t really reach the chest clip when the straps were done backpack style just because of the way the clip fastens at the side. The straps are able to be crossed, however, and that was made really easy by where the placement of the buckle was on the body of the carrier. Super easy to add more length to the strap and get it snapped in and tighten. It also made for a comfortable front carry with my big kiddo.  Back carries where wonderful with this carrier. He fit so cozy in there, with the high back he wasn’t able to lean out, so it was comfy for me as well. The angled knee supports made the carrier fit him knee to knee and were padded as well.  The height of the Onya is 18 inches when the headrest is fully up.  There are several pockets on this carrier that are nice for packing a few things to be hands free.  The Onya Baby Carrier is rated for children who are at least 15 lbs with good head control (about 3 months old) and up to 45 lbs. This carrier also has an added feature of being able to use it on a chair using the built in chair harness that hides away in a pocket.

Ergo vs Onya back

Overall Ergo vs. Onya thoughts:

The Ergo is more versatile regarding the age range since with the additional infant insert you can use it from birth to about 3 or 4 years old. However, I feel that the Onya would more comfortably hold a larger child. The Onya carrier would be perfect for someone who has used an “infant” style of carrier, such as a stretchy wrap, while their child is young and then they would “graduate” to the Onya.  The Ergo would be great for someone who might not plan to wear their child until they are 3, and is looking for a carrier that will last throughout their babywearing time.

Have you tried the Ergo or Onya?  What did you think?

Disclaimer: I borrowed both carriers from friends. All opinions are my own. The link below is an affiliate link and I may be compensated if you click on it.

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  1. Heidi says:


    Just wondering if you have heard of the Pipa Pack baby carrier & if you have any info on how it compares to the Boba?

  2. Korine says:

    I haven’t tried an Ergo, but I bought an Onya for my second baby. I haven’t used it for him yet either (I swear I’m getting to some useful info soon!), but my 3.5 year old (37 lbs) wanted to try it! I happened to have it on in front just to figure out the straps, so that’s how I carried him. We went up a gradual hill for about 5 minutes and I was surprised by how comfortable it was with such a big kid! He occasionally asks to be carried on walks if he gets tired and I can feel how heavy he is, but it was so easy to carry him in the Onya… Just wanted to add this tidbit because it can definitely be a useful carrier for an older child. Can’t wait to try it with his little brother!

  3. Tiffany says:

    Was the Onya you reviewed the cotton model or the nylon model? I can’t figure out which one I want, it just needs to be taller than an Ergo! Thanks for the review, it was just what I needed :)

    • ErinAnn says:

      Tiffany: the Onya I reviewed was the cotton one. Thanks for reading!

    • Taysha says:

      I have the nylon one, which is rated to a whopping 75(!!) lbs! I’ve carried DD, age 4, on my back when baby was sleeping in the stroller and she’s gotten tired. If baby is awake, baby goes in the carrier, and she will go in the stroller for a rest. I love that the carrier is so versatile!

  4. Jummy says:

    Do you think the Onya is a good carrier for traveling abroad with my 13 month old? Both myself and my husband plan to use it.

    • ErinAnn says:

      The Onya I think would be a good travel carrier. It would be great for eating out at places that don’t have high chairs because of the built in chair in the carrier.

  5. I have an Ergobaby carrier, which I love. But please remove your link to the Ergo on Amazon! Amazon is not an authorized seller of Ergobaby, and therefore buyers may receive counterfeits!!! I bought an insert of Amazon that was a fake. So please direct people to the actual Ergobaby website, where they can locate an authorized retailer or purchase directly from them.

    • ErinAnn says:

      Thanks for the reminder. This post was made before I started working directly with Ergo and before I knew they did not have any authorized retailers via Amazon. My affiliate link has been changed to an authorized Onya Amazon retailer.

  6. sara says:

    we used the Onya travelling for 6 weeks in Turkey and Germany and it was FANTASTIC. I think we commented every day how happy we were to have it. Fits both by husband and I very well :)

  7. Lisa Greene says:

    I have an Ergo. I used it with my now 2 year old daughter and saved it to use with my now 10 week old son. I love it. We have the insert but my son was 10 lbs 15 oz at birth so he didnt fit too well into the insert. I have tried other carriers and I just cant get the hang of the wraps. I bought a hybrid carrier. It has the buckle on the waist like the Ergo but then you wrap the top part like a Moby. It took me several tries and you tube videos to get it kind of on right. I like that I dont have to have my babys legs spread so far apart in the hybrid but I just cant figure out the wrapping part. With my Ergo I know I can just pull it out and it only takes me a few minutes to get my baby in. I had entered a contest to win an Onya. That was the first time I had heard about that carrier. I think I will stick with my Ergo.

    • ErinAnn says:

      The hybrid carrier sounds interesting! What is the name of it? I love wrapping, but it definitely is a huge learning process! The Ergo works for a lot of people.

  8. Lisa S. says:

    I own both, though my Ergo is about 8 years old, while the Onya is obviously much newer.

    I too deal with a toddler to likes to lean back in the back carry, and the Onya is much more comfortable in that respect. I also find it easier to get her into it and it feels more secure.

    I still like the Ergo, but I like the Onya more.

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