Ergo baby carrier vs. Boba carrier

I love my Boba carrier. It’s so easy and comfortable to wear. However it seems that a lot of people love the Ergo baby carrier so I thought I would try it out to see if I felt differently after trying it.  I had tried an older version some time ago and didn’t care for it for front carries at all, but I borrowed a different one from a friend that was a slightly newer version and gave it a go.

Boba Ergo front back heightBoba Ergo back height compare

For the comparison I’m using my Boba 2G (Read my Boba 2G review) and a friend’s Ergo (I am unsure what model it is). My testing baby is my 15 month old toddler who is about 25 pounds.

I discovered that the Boba carrier is taller and wider than the Ergo baby carrier. The waist strap is also longer, eliminating the need for an extender belt.  I also noticed that the Ergo’s waist belt is slightly wider.

Boba 2G Carrier:

I wear my toddler in a front carry very seldom since he is over 20 pounds and it just isn’t too comfortable to wear that much weight for long in the front. When I do wear him this way, it’s easy to get him loaded in and out of the carrier and easy to fasten the chest belt piece. The straps do not have an option to cross, however.  The usual way I wear my toddler is in a back carry. I usually use the hip scoot method and then flip the carrier body over his back and get my arms into the shoulder straps, then clip the chest belt and tighten the straps.  This carrier fits me well and I have no gaping anywhere or funny fit. I like how high the back comes up on my child. The height of the Boba is 15 inches.  At the widest point, the Boba is 17.5 inches.  The waist belt is a total of 53 inches.

Ergo and Boba heightheight compare ergo to boba

Ergo Baby Carrier

I wore my toddler on my front once during my time of using my friend’s Ergo. It was pretty easy to get on and was more comfortable than I thought it would be. It had a nice large pocket, but I did not use it. I’m sure if I owned this carrier it would be handy to put keys and the like inside for totally hands free trips. This carrier has the option to cross the straps in a front carry, but the buckles were in a spot where I could not easily do this myself, so I did not try out this feature, expect to try it when I was not wearing my child. I wore my child several times on my back and had some difficultly with getting him situated. This could have been due to my boy being a little more squirmy lately and not wanting to sit still while I get everything put on. I mostly had my husband help me get him on my back. I’m sure if I owned this carrier I would find the method that worked best for me to get it on myself.  The height of the Ergo is 13 inches, so did not come up as high on my toddler’s back as the Boba did. The widest part of the Ergo is 13 3/4 inches.  The waist belt is 43 inches by itself and with the extender it is 50 inches.  One thing I noticed with the Ergo was in a back carry I had some gaping of the shoulder straps above my shoulders. This was alleviated somewhat by moving the chest clip up toward my shoulders, but then I needed to adjust the tightness of the shoulder straps. This made it slightly less comfortable.

width compare boba ergo waist strap compare boba ergo

Overall Boba 2G Carrier vs Ergo Baby Carrier thoughts:

After using both soft structured carriers I still prefer my Boba over the Ergo. However, my friend who borrowed my Boba while I had her Ergo did not like the Boba at all. She felt like it dug in under her arms while she wore it. She also felt like her baby was uncomfortable in it. I guess it’s all a matter of preference. I really like the Boba carrier’s higher back and that it was slightly wider at the shoulder straps.  I feel like it was easier for my to get my toddler on my back in the Boba than the Ergo, but that could have been from lack of practice with the Ergo.  Sometimes I felt as though my guy wasn’t sitting deep enough in the Ergo carrier, but he always was when I would check in a mirror. I would have liked to try out the crossed straps in the Ergo, but it was just too hard to do by myself. If you are trying to decide between these two carriers, make sure to try them out if possible to get the best fit for you!

Do you have a Boba Carrier or an Ergo Baby Carrier?  What do you like or not like about it?

Disclaimer:  I borrowed a friend’s Ergo Baby Carrier for 2 weeks for the purpose of this comparison. I already owned the Boba 2G Carrier. The link below is an Amazon Affiliate and I may receive compensation if you click it.

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  1. Tasha says:

    That’s a tough call, both are so popular. I’ve tried the ERGO, and I’ve tried the new Boba 3G. In terms of comfort, I though the ERGO was pretty comfortable, but the Boba 3G had more features that I liked. Like the foot stirrups, and wider/taller seat. Plus, the new Boba 3G has this little clip on the shoulder that keeps your purse strap from falling off. I couldn’t believe how handy it was!

  2. Meg S. says:

    I have never tried either of these carriers, but am actually on the hunt right now for a good carrier. All we own at this time is a Moby Wrap and Bjorn, both of which my eight month old son seems to have outgrown. I have heard wonderful things about both of these carriers, and both of them are on my “to try” list. Thanks for this comparison, and for your honest opinion on the two!

  3. Katherine Graville says:

    I have tried both these carriers and I prefer the Boba. It feels more secure, better support and the baby fits closer to my body making it nice and snuggly. I also like the higher back on the Boba compared to the back of the ERGO.

  4. Melissa says:

    Thank you so much for reviewing both. I had narrowed it down to both of these and needed somebody to compare them to each other. Choosing the Boba. Thank you!!

  5. Mandeep says:

    Hi thanks for these really useful opinions. I have only just heard of the Boba and wanted to know the main differences and think I will be going for the Boba now over the Ergo.

  6. Rachel says:

    Thank you for all of the details in the comparison. A friend of mine is expecting her first and debating this very thing, so I’ll refer her this direction. Personally, I have only had experience with the Ergo, and like your friend who you swapped carriers with, I love my ergo! I primarily used it once my little guy outgrew the Moby. I never had issue with comfort or securing him in the back carry position, and would still use it if I weren’t growing from baby #2. I never have tried the hip carry, i always forgot that it was an option and the other two worked well enough.
    I am interested in trying a boba now though. I am curious how the taller back can fit a newborn/maintain head support, since with the ergo they recommend the infant insert to help with that till the child can maintain head support independently. I did find the insert a little bulky, and kinda awkward to get positioned/secured, which is one of the reasons I used the Moby while he was itty bitty. However, I do think my little guy appreciated the freedom of head movement in the ergo (lower back) when he was older and wanted to see more, and knowing his personality, I imagine a higher back would get frustrating and potentially feel too restrictive. I often used the front zip pocket for phone, keys, etc. and for the times he fell asleep in the carrier, the shade cover was easy and convenient to snap up.

    • ErinAnn says:

      The Boba 2G Carrier was the one I used for this review and it’s rated for babies 15 lbs and up. However, the newer version, the Boba 3G will accommodate smaller babies by flipping up the waist band and cinching in the head support. There are full details in the instruction manual or you can check out my Boba 3G Review

    • Velina Stoykova says:

      I bought the Boba 3G, but its not well designed for newborns, i got very frustrated about that, because my son was 2 months and i am still waiting for him to grow a bit so I could put him on the Boba on the regular stand. If I could choose now I would buy the Bondolino, its a German design, but much better for newborns and toddlers.

      • ErinAnn says:

        I’ve never heard of the Bondolino, but will look into it. What didn’t you like about the infant setting on the Boba 3G? I hope you enjoy it when your baby gets a little bit bigger.

  7. Sophie says:

    Rachel, that’s a really good point about about the height and the child maybe not having as much space to swivel head. I too have an inquisitive one, she may get frustrated if she wasn’t able to see as well. That said I haven’t yet tried the boba.

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