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The emeibaby carrier was designed by a mom who wanted the ease of a buckle carrier, but the benefits of a wrap. The buckles and straps on the emeibaby carrier adjust to the size of the person wearing the carrier, but the rings on the carrier adjust the body width to the size of the baby being carried! 

emeibaby front carry

emeibaby carrier:

My measurements of the carrier:

width: minimum: 5.75 inches, maximum: your child would outgrow the weight limit of the carrier first.
height: 14 inches
shoulder strap padding: 25 inches (straps are curved) 15 inches of webbing; 3.25 inches adjustable before padding 3.25 inches  of padding under the webbing adjustment. The straps are dual adjustment straps so you can get the perfect custom fit every time.
waist belt: 5 inches height,  24 inches of padding, 15 inches of webbing on each side

young baby emeibaby

My emeibaby experience:

My toddler is nearly too big for the emeibaby, so I enlisted the help of a mom in my local babywearing group. Her son was 4 months at the time she tried it out. Here is her review:

“The Emeibaby Carrier is a unique blend of a soft structured carrier (SSC) and a ring sling. It combines the ease of a SSC and the support of a ring sling.

I was given the Emeibaby to review. My son is 4 months and about 15 lbs, so right when a traditional SSC can be used without an insert or adjustment for a smaller baby. Right away, I noticed how narrow the body of the carrier was at the waist strap. This made it easier for my son to froggy his legs around me and have his legs comfortably hang outside the carrier. The woven material used for the body is soft and the colors are very pretty. There is a stretchy hood with snaps that tucks into the body of the carrier when not in use.

The ring sling portion of the carrier can be a little confusing at first, but once you understand its purpose and how to adjust it, it’s fairly easy. The purpose is to give you an easy, comfortable way to mold your baby’s body to yours. It gives you a great snug and secure feeling without straps and buckles that can pinch or bind. Once adjusted for my son, there was quite a bit of excess material in this section, but it is easily rolled up and snapped away using the snaps near the hood. As the baby grows, there will be less excess material.

I took my son on a walk using this carrier and he seemed comfortable and happy in it. I didn’t notice any odd pressure points, and the shoulder straps were very ergonomic. When swinging my arms, I felt some scratching on the insides of my arms. When I looked down, I noticed that the hem of the ring sling portion flaps out. If the hem went the other way, I don’t think this would have been a problem.

I did miss the use of a pocket, even a small one big enough to fit my key. I ended up using some of the excess fabric as a cell phone hammock.

Overall, the Emeibaby is a great carrier for smaller babies, but may be a bit short for toddlers. It is only rated to 33lbs, which is most likely due more to height than weight. The Emeibaby gives you more comfortable options for adjustments, and may be a great carrier if that is an important feature to you.”

When I got the carrier back from her, I tried it out with my toddler.  As I said, he is very nearly at the 33 lb weight limit of the carrier, but I wanted to see if it would be comfortable with him.  The fabric and rings must be adjusted in a front carry, so even though I almost never wear him in a front carry I put him up in order to adjust the fabric for his size. Once that was accomplished it was easy to put him on my back and make the strap adjustments for myself. I would check his legs often while I wore him to make sure the woven fabric was still knee to knee on him and it always was. Once you have the carrier on and adjusted everything just worked together really well.  There were 2 times when I carried my toddler that he fell asleep during the trip. It’s not often that happens, but we happened to be out and about several times as it approached nap time.  Both times I was pleasantly surprised to find that his asleep weight (you know, how they feel 10x heavier while asleep?!) didn’t seem to add any weight at all to my shoulders! I wasn’t constantly shifting him around to redistribute the weight on my back. The hood was quite a bit too short to hold his head, but he is a pretty tall 2 year old, so I didn’t imagine that a carrier made to hold smaller babies would have a large hood, so it’s not something that bothered me.  One thing that may be hard for newer babywearers with tiny babies, is the horizontal clip (the “chest clip”) that is on your back with a front carry, is a little hard to grasp. One side is pretty short, as it’s only the buckle connector piece you need to grab, there is no extra webbing there to add length. Once you get used to how to reach it then it’s fine, just something to get used to.  The webbing was also a bit stiff, but I imagine with time and use the buckles will slide a little easier along the webbing.

I also had a chance to try the emeibaby carrier with a 2 week old baby. Oh my! He was so weightless (of course anything compared to my 33 lb toddler is weightless!) At first I thought the carrier was going to be too big, but then I remembered about the adjustments on the top of the shoulder straps by the body of the carrier and I got it to fit perfectly.  The baby snuggled right in and loved the carrier.

emeibaby back carry


This carrier is great for those who want a buckle carrier but don’t want to have to fuss with all the inserts, etc that most buckle carriers need to have. This carrier has a very narrow starting width so you don’t feel as if you are spreading your newborn baby’s legs too far apart. This carrier grows in size with your baby up to 33 pounds. Even though my son leans in carrier a lot I didn’t feel that the 14″ height on this carrier was too bad. He was well supported through the legs, to the knee because of the woven wrap material and I think he felt more secure.

emeibaby with 2 week old baby

Where to Buy:

You can buy emeibaby carries direct from emeibaby but they are made in Europe, so they would be shipping from there. In North America you can find them at Everything Mom and Baby (a Canadian shop and where I first learned of this brand), or Paxbaby

Disclaimer: I received an emeibaby carrier  for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received. All opinions and experiences are my own unless otherwise stated. All pictures are taken by me and are property of The Babywearing Blog.


  1. We are carrying these carriers now and love them! They are great for that newborn squish when you want something easier than a wrap.

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