Babywearing Tips: Woven Wraps

Woven wraps are the baby carrier with the highest learning curve. This means it takes a bit more work to get one on right. But this work has huge rewards!  Not only will you feel accomplished that you manged to wrap your little darling in all that fabric, but you will get many comments on your beautiful wrap! ( we won’t mention the “are you going to drop your baby” comments!  :-) )   I bought my first woven wrap when my little guy was 4 months old. It’s hard to choose a wrap because of all the beautiful colorways!  Once you find your wrap and you have it home, here are some tips to help make wearing a little easier.

Start Long

Most people can wrap a majority of carries with a size 6 wrap. A size 6 is one of the longer sized wraps at 4.6 meters long. Some larger people require a 7, but can still do many carries with a 6, you just may need to tie off in an alternate place. So if you start with a size 6 wrap chances are you will be able to do the bulk of the multiple pass carries. Even if you want to do a shorter carry, you can always wrap the extra around your waist a few times so you don’t have a lot of wrap hanging down.

Pre-Wrap Front Carries

Many of the basic front carries can be partially pre-wrapped. The Front Wrap Cross Carry is one that I always partially pre-wrap.  If you do the horizontal pass, cross in the back and bring over your shoulders, then you can pop the baby into the horizontal pass and finish up with the tightening. That way you aren’t holding the baby during the entire wrap job. I find it so much easier!

Chin or Knee method with Back Carries

Are you having trouble keeping your baby from wiggling while trying to figure out your back carry? Tighten your top rail and then tuck it under your chin to hold it tight. Alternately you can get one side tight and then hold it between your knees to keep it tight while you work with the other side.

Use a Chest Belt

Another way to help yourself when learning to back carry is to tie chest belt at the beginning. This helps keep baby secure while you work with the rest of the wrap.

Take Care to Tighten

When tightening, especially for carries like the Double Hammock Back Carry, pull the top rail and follow the wrap around with your hand, then grab the slack with your other hand to pull. Do the same with the bottom rail and also the middle. This will help you get the wrap just right and will help combat any loosening as you wrap.

Tuck into Pants

Well, not your pants, but your baby’s pants. If you tuck the lower rail of your wrap into the front of your baby’s pants before putting them on your back, it will help keep a good seat without having to try to tuck it up under them while they are already on your back.

Do you have any woven wrap tips? Share them in the comments!

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  1. Jenn says:

    I’ve always wanted to try one of these because it looks like they keep your baby really snug and close to you, but I’ve always thought they were too much work. Thanks for sharing these tips. I’ll have to bookmark them for when I get the opportunity to try one of these wraps.

  2. Meg S. says:

    We don’t own a woven wrap right now, but have really been wanting one lately, and started looking into a few brands. Thank you so much for offering these tips!

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