Baby Carrier Reviews: Boba Wrap vs. Moby Wrap

Whenever I am asked on what is the “best” baby carrier I always say “Boba Wrap (formerly Sleepy Wrap) for a newborn” (Read my Boba Wrap Review). So many people I know use and love the Moby, but so many things I had read online said the Moby Wrap wasn’t the greatest. I had never tried a Moby Wrap, so finally I borrowed one from someone so I could really compare the two stretchy wraps together. 

Boba Wrap and Moby WrapFor this test I used my well loved brown Sleepy Wrap (Boba Wrap) and a green Moby Wrap. My “wrapee” was my 13 month son who is about 23 lbs and 30 inches tall. I figured since he is bigger than the “ideal” under 20 lbs touted by a majority of the babywearing community, it would be a good test of the two carriers. (for the record, I stopped using the Sleepy Wrap when he was around 15 lbs/3 months because it would be saggy after about 20 minutes of wearing.)

I discovered that the Moby Wrap is actually a little longer than the Boba Wrap. The MobyMoby Wrap and Boba Wrap width Wrap is about 18 feet long, while the Boba Wrap is about 16.5 feet long. The Moby is also wider than the Boba.  The Boba is about 19 inches wide and the edges roll under a little. The Moby is 23 inches wide with straight edges. Another thing I noticed was the stretchiness of the two wraps. The Boba has a little bit of spandex in the material (95% cotton 5% spandex (high quality French Terry knit) taken from the Boba website ) while the Moby is 100% cotton (Moby website). I was interested in how that little bit of stretch would play out.

Boba Wrap Sleepy WrapBoba Wrap:

I put on the Boba in the way it shows in the directions (if you are more familiar with the Moby, it is the “gathered method”). I made sure the material was nice and snug and then put my (not so) Little Guy in, using the “Love Your Baby” hold. No problem getting him in, the Boba Wrap easily stretched around his body and he snuggled into me. I adjusted the back crosses a little and was super comfy. I even thought to myself “I could still wear him in this!” I walked around the house with him for about 10 minutes with no sagging and no discomfort. When taking the baby out, the fabric hugged my body the same as when I started. It would be easy to pull up the logo piece and wear the carrier with no baby in it. (not that I would.. but you could)  The Boba Wrap is of a slightly heavier weight fabric (the French Terry twill) and has a “right” and “wrong” side.  I remember it getting a little warm wearing Guy when he was littler, especially in stores, but two bodies pressed together tends to do that no matter what.

Moby Wrap:

My friend who loaned me the Moby Wrap gave me some pointers, so I carefully followed the “don’t wrap too tight” advice sheMoby wrap had said. Very different from the Boba because that one you DO wrap it tight! I put the Moby on the same way, but left a little slack so my Guy would fit inside. I got him in the cross pieces just fine, but struggled a little when I tried to pull the logo section over his feet and bum. I was wishing for a little bit of stretch! I finally did get it in the right spot and got him settled. I had to do quite a bit of adjusting at the shoulders because I had some pressure points near my neck. I solved the problem (mostly) by flipping the shoulder the same way I would a woven wrap and it helped, but it wasn’t gone completely. I tried taking Little Guy out and unwrapping the Moby and rewrapping to see if I could easily recreate an okay hold. The second time I wrapped too tight and had even more trouble getting the logo piece over his feet and it was much more uncomfortable by my neck. With no stretch to the fabric, it was difficult to pull it where I wanted it to go. Perhaps wrapping a Moby takes a little more smoothing and care when wrapping because you don’t have that stretch to work with.  When I took my Guy out of the Moby, the cross pieces were bunched out and the logo piece wouldn’t really stay up, so you would look a little funny wearing it without your baby in it (or more funny than the other? ;-) ) The Moby wrap material is the same on both sides, so it doesn’t really matter which side faces out when you wrap your baby. As I only wore it for a few minutes I can’t comment on if I would get hot while wearing it, but I imagine I might, like I said before, because of 2 bodies being pressed together.

Overall Boba Wrap vs. Moby Wrap thoughts:

So, now that I have “officially” tried out a Moby Wrap, has my opinion changed? Nope. I still prefer a Boba Wrap to the Moby Wrap. I can’t imagine having a newborn and struggling to get their tiny feet slipped under the logo panel. I love that the Boba Wrap has that little bit of stretch to it that makes it so snuggly to wear your baby. The difference for me really is the extra stretch the Boba Wrap has. It is so helpful in getting it around small bodies and getting it adjusted to my body for the perfect fit. I am sure if I used the Moby Wrap enough, I would figure out how to get it just right with careful wrapping. Maybe I would have better luck with it if I wrapped it more like I do my woven, I don’t know. My friend who loaned me this one loves the Moby Wrap so much that she has 3 of them! So, to each their own. That really is the best thing about babywearing, everyone has their own favorite carrier, it’s a very personal choice!

Do you prefer the Boba Wrap or the Moby Wrap?  What do you love most about it?


(Disclaimer: I already own the Sleepy Wrap (Boba Wrap) used for this post and the Moby Wrap I borrowed from a friend. All opinions are my own based on using both carriers, for however short a time)


  1. Claire says:

    I never tried the boba wrap but I swore by my moby from birth to just a week ago (13 months) when we retired it and bought a boba carrier. It definitely took some getting used to. I used the hug hold and the sling hold mostly and in the beginning I had to re-tie the wrap a few times each time I used it before I got it right.

  2. Jenrose says:

    I prefer the Wrapsody Bali Baby Stretch to any other stretchy wrap I’ve tried. I’ve had homemade, Baby Bundler, Moby (several variations) and an Ultimate Baby Wrap (Which is quite stretch).

    I find that the more stretch, the less long-wearing comfort. Wrapsody has little stretch but I have no problem with a newborn, but I’m also not doing the pocket-wrap cross carry most of the time, but a different method that makes the cross panel optional (and still supports well for a little guy). The lack of stretch lengthwise allows me to do many different wrapping techniques, so I’m not “tied” to the pocket wrap cross carry other stretchy wraps require. With my 11 pound newborn, he feels weightless in the wrapsody, and it’s so, so gorgeous (I own four of them, because I couldn’t choose.) With a baby your child’s age, I would be using a mei tai anyway, but I COULD do a back carry with a toddler safely in a Wrapsody BBS, and that is not true for other stretchy wraps.

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  4. Whitney says:

    The Moby has a specific hold for babies younger than 3 months that you don’t slip the feet under the “seatbelt”. It just pulls up around the back of baby and baby is in the fetal position tucked inside the part of the “x” closest to your body. No worrying about catching their little feet.

    • ErinAnn says:

      Thanks for that information! Looking at the Moby Wrap website and their directions I see that. I guess that was the way I did my little guy’s feet in the Boba wrap as well. How soon one forgets!

  5. Meg S. says:

    Thank you so much for this review. We own a Moby Wrap, and have never tried the Boba, but I really dislike that the Moby has no stretch. Like you said, it is really hard to get the baby under the logo panel, and I also find it fairly stressful to remove the baby from the carrier. Since the Boba has a better stretch, we may have to try it. I love having a wrap, especially for a tiny newborn.

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