Baby Carrier Review ~ BB Slen, Papaya

Big Sister with baby in woven wrapThe BB Slen in color papaya is my first woven wrap. After much angst and searching and asking questions on a babywearing forum I finally decided on it. It’s so hard to choose a wrap, especially when it’s your first and you know NOTHING about them! 

BB Slen Specifics:

bbslen papaya woven wrapThe woven wrap is from the manufacturer called babylonia and manufactured in India using Fair Trade. The color I chose is called “papaya” and it’s mostly red with an orange stripe, a dark pink stripe and a pink stripe. I decided on the size 6 which is about 4.6 meters long (about 15 feet of material). It is also about 31 inches wide.

My BB Slen Woven Wrap Experience:

I purchased this wrap used from The in their for sale or trade forums. It seemed pretty broken in when I got it, but as I don’t have any other wrap experience, I suppose that’s pretty subjective. It didn’t seem stiff to me. I watched many (MANY!) YouTube videos on different ways to wrap my BBSlen woven wrap and for the most part I use it in the Front Wrap Cross Carry position. It is similar to how I wrapped my baby using the Sleepy Wrap. The hardest thing I think I’ve come across when wrapping on the front is being sure to get everything nice and tight when I wrap, so my baby doesn’t slip or the shoulder passes don’t dig. I love that this BB Slen wrap is very wide, giving me lots of room to get it tucked up under my baby when I’m wrapping him. This also ensures I will be able to use this wrap for a long time as he grows because it will be plenty wide enough to accommodate his longer body with the BB Slen width. Something I am still working on with the BB Slen woven wrap is back carries. It has been hard for me to get Little C up high enough on my back and keep him up there the entire time I’m working on wrapping him. I’ve discovered that using a chest belt (a knot high up on your chest) helps to keep him still so I can focus on the wrap job and not worry about him wiggling. It is also difficult for me to get everything nice and tight when wrapping on my back. I think it’s even more important to do a good wrap job (rather than a sloppy one) when you are back wrapping, just because you can’t see your baby while you are carrying them!


I have been very happy with my BB Slen woven wrap in the color papaya. It has been fairly easy to wrap with and is fairly floppy, although I don’t have anything to compare it to. I would buy this wrap again. It is a good length and a nice wide width. The color is perfect for my boy, but still has some girlie colors too, for mama.  The only negative I guess would be that it knots fairly large, but I think that’s true of almost any wrap, unless it’s super thin. This wrap is airy, but I would guess not really thin. I have had a good experience with my BB Slen woven wrap. It is even sturdy enough to wrap my 60 pound 8 year old… but I only did it for a few minutes.

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