Boba Air Baby Carrier {Baby Carrier Review}

Boba Air blog post

The Boba Air baby carrier is a very lightweight, packable carrier that fits babies from 15 – 45 lbs. It stores in it’s own zipper pouch for easy taken along carrying.

I’ve reviewed other Boba products (see my reviews of the Boba Wrap, Boba 2G and Boba 3G) and have really liked them for my son. I was excited when they came out with a lightweight carrier that you could take anywhere and not be afraid to get it dirty or wet!

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List Price: $65.00 USD
New From: $59.99 In Stock
Release date April 2, 2014.

Woolzies Dryer Ball Review

I was given the opportunity to try out Woolzies Dryer Balls.  How could I say no? Softer laundry and less dryer time without chemicals?  Yes, please!  These things are especially important to my laundry these days because I cloth diaper my toddler. If I used traditional dryer sheets with those it would cause all sorts of problems with absorption. [Read more...]

List Price: $0.00 USD
New From: $28.85 In Stock
Used from: $26.39 In Stock

emeibaby carrier {baby carrier reviews}

The emeibaby carrier was designed by a mom who wanted the ease of a buckle carrier, but the benefits of a wrap. The buckles and straps on the emeibaby carrier adjust to the size of the person wearing the carrier, but the rings on the carrier adjust the body width to the size of the baby being carried!  [Read more...]

Cloth Clouds Suck Pads {Baby Carrier Review}

Suck pads for baby carriers can be a necessity when you have a baby who loves to chew and suck at the straps of your soft structured carrier. You may worry about discoloration of your carrier or that you will need to wash your carrier more often because of your baby drooling all over the carrier.  Suck pads can help with this. Just attach them on the straps of the carrier and let your baby chew away on the protective straps. You can then just throw the covers in the wash, thus adding life to your carrier. [Read more...]

Angelpack Max Toddler Carrier {Baby Carrier Reviews}

The Angelpack Max Toddler Carrier is made by Chi-Chi Mio Designs. Here is a little about them from their website:

The name “AngelPack” was chosen in honor of our first child and the fact that as parents, our babies are little Angels and Angels need packs to keep them near us while we accomplish our daily activities. The name “Chi Chi Mio” is an endearment meaning “my baby” in our native Dominican Republic. [Read more...]

Ergobaby Carrier Covers {Baby Carrier Review}

The Ergobaby Carrier Cover system helps keep your little one warm and dry during the cold. wet months. The two carrier covers are sold separately, but they snap together to work similarly to a 3-in-1 coat. There is a rain cover and a fleece cover. They snap together to create a dry and warm bundle for your little bundle.  [Read more...]