Babywearing and Your Toddler {Babywearing Tips}

newborn babywearing

newborn babywearing, 3 days old




This is my baby the first time I wore him. 


This is my baby toddler now  toddler flower








What happened in the last 20 months?  Oh yeah… he grew! He went from being just over 7 pounds to nearly 30! Yes, my 20 month old is the same weight as many 3 year olds.  I get many comments similar to this: “doesn’t that hurt your back?” ,”Isn’t he walking yet?”, “You aren’t going to be able to carry him like that for very much longer!”  Actually, I’ve been hearing that last one since he was about 6 months old and we are still going strong.  However, the way I carry him is much different and the type of carrier I use is also different. [Read more...]

Babywearing Tips: Safety Check Your Carriers

Babywearing is a good, happy thing. Mama is happy wearing baby in the fabulous carrier, baby is happy being snuggled close to Mama….until.. :riiiiip:  What was that?  That sound?  Ripping?!  Oh no!  It is extremely important to check your carriers every time before you put your baby/toddler/child in them. You don’t want that carrier to fail when your child is in it. They could potentially fall and be hurt. There has been an instance of a product failing lately. After a mama posted about it on The other mama’s with the same wrap conversion carrier tested theirs with similar results. The manufacturer is taking steps to fix the problem, but please test every carrier before you wear it! [Read more...]

Babywearing Tips: Woven Wraps

Woven wraps are the baby carrier with the highest learning curve. This means it takes a bit more work to get one on right. But this work has huge rewards!  Not only will you feel accomplished that you manged to wrap your little darling in all that fabric, but you will get many comments on your beautiful wrap! ( we won’t mention the “are you going to drop your baby” comments!  :-) )   I bought my first woven wrap when my little guy was 4 months old. It’s hard to choose a wrap because of all the beautiful colorways!  Once you find your wrap and you have it home, here are some tips to help make wearing a little easier. [Read more...]

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Babywearing Tips: Babywearing on a Budget

Good baby carriers are pricey. Why? A lot of them started out and still are a work at home mom operation. It also takes the right kind of fabric to make a quality baby carrier, not to mention the time put in to design, sew and test the product to make sure it is safe before selling it. In the case of woven wraps, many of the brands are still woven by hand on a loom, although some have gone to machine looming, but it still takes time and know how.  So what is a person to do if they want a good quality baby carrier, but do not have a large budget? [Read more...]

Babywearing Tips: Buying Your First Baby Carrier

When I was pregnant with my second baby I decided that this time I was going to buy a good baby carrier. I joined the babywearing group on Babycenter and read a lot of posts and asked a lot of questions, then I joined and watched the for sale or trade board while trying to decide what it was that I wanted. Deciding on a baby carrier was almost more nerve wracking for me than actually having a new baby! I felt like I didn’t want to get the “wrong” carrier. Here are some tips that helped me:

Try it:

If possible, go to a children’s boutique that sells baby carriers and try some out. Ask them if they know about a babywearing group in your area.  If there is one, go to a meeting and try some out there as well. It’s hard to get a really good feel from just a few minutes of wearing, but it’s better than blindly buying. [Read more...]

Babywearing Leads to a New Business Idea–Sling and Dance

At age 42, I gave birth to a beautiful little girl who we named Karolina. I gained 40 pounds and was having trouble losing the weight. I live in Hollywood which just magnified the problem. I no longer had the time to go to the gym, which I never liked anyway. Also the “day care” facility they have has a giant flat screen TV and when I took a peek inside, Lady Gaga’s video Bad Romance was playing. That said, I was motivated to come up with a way to work out while engaging my daughter. I started dancing with Karolina in a sling. I actually worked up a sweat and the best part was she inevitably fell asleep! Shortly after, Sling and Dance was born. [Read more...]