Peekaru: Fleece Baby Carrier Cover {Baby Stuff on Amazon}

The Peekaru fleece baby carrier cover is our Amazon Baby Find! Fall is here and with that comes cooler temperatures, especially in the morning hours when you may be doing some early morning walking. I walk my older daughter to school while babywearing and while we haven’t really needed our jackets yet, the time is coming! I was searching for something lightweight for us to wear during the chilly mornings and this fleece vest seems like it would work nicely. [Read more...]

List Price: $79.95 USD
New From: $50.00 In Stock

Kelty Pathfinder 3.0 Backpack Child Carrier {Baby Stuff on Amazon}

Does your family do a lot of hiking and need the person who is carrying the baby to also carry a little bit of stuff?  This backpack child carrier would work great for you!  From

Product Features
  • A new and improved easy-access adjustable suspension system assures a perfect fit for mom and dad; and, our new leg-secure straps and 5-point harness keep your little one nestled in place. [Read more...]

List Price: $279.95 USD
Release date January 1, 2012.

TaylorMade Mesh Water Sling {Baby Stuff on Amazon}

Have you hit the pool yet this summer?  I have!  It was made so much easier to take my toddler into the pool having a mesh water sling to help hold him. He is still a little unsure about the whole pool idea, so the water sling helps him be close to mama and still enjoy the cooling off of the pool.

What is great about a ring sling for the water is that it is adjustable. You just pick a size, preferably one that will give you a tail about hip length, so you don’t have a long wet tail winding around your legs or floating in the pool for rowdy kids to tug on.  You use it the same as a regular ring sling. It’s so wonderful for support in the pool, and shower and for light hot weather wearing ( you may find you need to readjust a bit more than traditional slings due to the thin, slippery nature of the mesh). [Read more...]

Baby K’Tan Breeze Carrier {Baby Stuff on Amazon}

As the weather warms up, you may be looking for a cooler babywearing option.  The Baby K’Tan Breeze has the 2 loops of the traditional Baby K’Tan, but half of the loops are soft knit, while the other half are breezy mesh. This will help the air to flow through the carrier and between the wearer and the child being carried.

Any carrier is going to be hotter than not carrying your child, however, because you will have 2 bodies pressed together. But this is a good option if you have a newborn and are looking for an easy carrier option for the summer.  [Read more...]

List Price: $59.95 USD
New From: $48.95 In Stock
Release date March 11, 2011.

Subscribe and Save with Amazon {Baby Stuff on Amazon}

subscribe and saveDid you know you can “subscribe” to those products you buy at that you use up, such as baby diapers, or soap? You sign up for Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program and you pick how many of each item you want to be sent and how often you want those deliveries to happen. When you add an item to the program, you get an additional discount on top of the already low Amazon price and orders ship for free! You are only charged for an order when it ships. Amazon will send you an email reminder before your next subscription time comes up, so you have time to alter your order, if needed. You can always change the frequency or items that are being sent to you and you can cancel whenever you want. [Read more...]

Breezy Mesh Backpack Carrier {Baby Carriers on Amazon}

I was doing some searching for baby carriers that would be good for hot weather and I found the Breezy Mesh Backpack Carrier by Lite on Shoulder. It is for babies that are able to sit up unassisted as the back panel seems to be one of the shorter ones I’ve seen, but it will fit your child until 40 lbs. [Read more...]

List Price: $95.95 USD