Journey to Babywearing {International Babywearing Week 2012}

My babywearing journey started a little more than 10 years ago when I was pregnant with my oldest child. I knew I didn’t want a travel system (bucket car seat and stroller), so I looked into slings online. I discovered Maya Wrap and had plans to buy one, but my husband deemed it “too hippy”. My mom scouted out garage sales and would gleefully tell me about ones that advertised they were selling a Baby Bjorn. We finally “scored” one at the end of the summer.  I tried it out and made my husband try it out.  He was not as excited as I was about it. I couldn’t wait for my baby to be born and to put her in it. Early November she was born and I tried the Bjorn when she was a few weeks old.  She hated it. I mean, screamed the whole time I tried to put her in, hated it. So I searched for something different because I was going shopping on Black Friday and I didn’t want to have to either carry her in arms or push the massive stroller I got for my baby shower. I found at “hip” carrier that slung across my body and she rested  near my hip. Not the best, but she was upright and didn’t scream, so I used it a few times before she grew too big for it. I tried the Bjorn again, this time with her facing out. She liked it better, but I liked it worse because she was nearly 20 pounds and my back couldn’t handle the weight pulling on my shoulders.  I could wear her for about 10 minutes before feeling like I needed to sit down.  Luckily for me, she didn’t mind the stroller, so she was in the stroller wherever we went.  Unfortunately, she didn’t walk until she was 16 months old and about 25 pounds.

Seven years later I was pregnant for the second time and I was determined I was going to babywear with this baby. I looked up babywearing groups on and read and read and read posts to figure out what I wanted.  I learned about and signed up there and watched the swap and agonized over what to get.  I was due in January and in October there was a big consignment sale in my town. I went and happened to find both a Sleepy Wrap (now Boba Wrap) and a Kozy Carrier mei tai. Super score! I went home and tried them both out, even wearing the Kozy with my almost 8 year old on my back. My husband thought I was looney.  My baby was born in early January and the day after he came home from the hospital I tried out the Sleepy Wrap. It was so wonderful!  He was a baby who did not like to be put down, so it was either sit on the couch and hold him or put him in the wrap and be able to do some light housework or sit at the computer and type with two hands. We even went hiking with him in the wrap when he was 2 weeks old. Now we have been babywearing for almost 21 months and I’ve branched out from the Sleepy Wrap and the Kozy. I bought my first woven when he was 4 months old and a ring sling when he was 6 months old. I also scored a great deal on a soft structured carrier when he was just over a year.

rucksack carry bb slen woven wrap

Zolowear Ring Sling Jetson

Also in the last 21 months I started this blog and a local babywearing group. Our group is celebrating it’s 1 year anniversary this month and is working on becoming a Babywearing International Group. I’ve met so many new friends through babywearing and helped old friends learn about it.  I’m going to miss babywearing when my baby, well, now toddler, won’t be wrapped anymore.  Hopefully it’s not soon, though!

Back Carry with a Toddler: Petrol Hemp Indio


  1. Your journey sounds similar to mine, except I think you have had even more carriers than me!

    We have done Wilkinet, Hippychick Hipseat, Didymos Wrap and Ergobaby Carrier…

    My babies are all at school now but I will always treasure my babywearing days!

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